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Spray Tan Timeline

Use this handy timeline to know when to take action to ensure you achieve the best tan results possible!

Day Before Your Spray Tan Appointment

+ Shave or wax to remove unwanted body hair

+Moisturize before bed to give an extra boost to your skin health

Morning of Your Spray Tan Appointment

+ Shower as normal, then exfoliate entire body (starting from the top, working to the feet!) with an oil-free exfoliant to remove unwanted residues and return your skin to its cleanest state

+ DO NOT apply deodorant, make up, fragrance oils, colognes, moisturizers: these create a barrier

+ Wear darker colors, but avoid drawstrings, ball caps, tight fitting jeans and leggings, rough fabrics, or anything that will make you sweat after your spray tan!

At Your Spray Tan Appointment

+ Remove make up, deodorant, etc. ( if you did apply them) with sluff exfoliating wipes

+ Pull hair away from face and neck, and secure with a hair tie, and remove jewelry

+ DO NOT apply barrier cream, prep sprays, PH balancing sprays: these create barriers

+ Follow all instructions given by your Aviva Spray Tan Artist!

After Your Spray Tan Appointment, Before You Rinse Off

+ Avoid anything that will get your spray tan wet (exercising, swimming, hot room yoga, rain, etc)

+ DO NOT apply moisturizers, try to avoid fragrance oils, colognes, make up, deodorant, etc.

+ DO NOT keep touching your skin to check your tan, this will transfer solution to your palms

+ When it is time to rinse off: USE WATER ONLY

+ DO NOT use soaps or shampoos on initial rinse!

After Your Spray Tan Appointment, After You Rinse Off

+ Maintain your tan with spray tan safe moisturizer, or DHA- infused Tan Extender, use twice daily

+ Apply additional moisturizer after anything that will dry out your skin (working out, ocean water, hot tubs, chlorine pools, excessive sweating, etc.)

+ Your face will fade faster than the rest of your tan: use a DHA infused Tan Extender to maintain a flawless, even tan. Apply at night before bed for best results. Remember: Your tan will last longer the better you treat your skin!

Aviva Labs Organic Spray Tan

​Aviva Tan Original Solution - Full Body $45.00

Aviva Tan Original Solution - Partial Body $25.00

Aviva Tan Original Solution - Face Only $13.00

​Aviva Rapid Tan Solution - Full Body $60.00

Aviva Rapid Tan Solution - Partial Body $30.00

Aviva Rapid Tan Solution - Face Only $15.00

Spray Tan Services

​​​​​AVIVA ORIGINAL- The basic “sleep-on-it” option clients have been using for years. Best for those coming in for late evening appointments – you can go home after your application, go to bed and the results will set while you sleep! Please wait at least 10-12 hours for your tan to set before showering.

AVIVA RAPID- Time is an issue? This is the ultimate choice! This tan sets much more quickly, allowing you to shower as quick as 30 minutes after the spray tan and up to 3 hours depending on skin type. Results will be fully developed within 24 24 hours.

Q & A

Pre Tan Prep

+ Should I get my nails done before or after my spray tan?
   - It is definitely best to get your your mani/pedi before the spray tan. Just make sure you are able to remove all of the lotion/oils that your nail tech applies on your skin before you come in for your spray tan. If you absolutely must get your nails done after your spray tan, you need to wait until after your first shower. In this event, you should also avoid the massage portion of the service since their products may degrade your spray tan results.

+ What should we wear to our appointment?

   - You can wear whatever you want! You just want to feel comfortable. Whether you choose to wear bra and thong, bathing suit, or wear your birthday suit... trust me we've seen it all and could care less! It's totally up to you! We just want you to feel comfortable, so you decide what’s coming off and what’s not! All clothing can be washed on a normal cycle and the solution comes right out! We do ask that all males bring something to cover up their parts – thongs are acceptable. After the application, all clients should wear loose clothing, black is best, and flip-flop type footwear. PLEASE NOTE: If it is raining/snowing when you come in for your appointment, you should wear a full shoe and don’t forget your umbrella! Any water that comes in contact with your skin while your tan is setting will remove the tan! 

+ How do I prepare my skin for my spray tan?

   - The day before - Shower and exfoliate to remove all dry, dead skin. Shave and take care of any other hair removal at least 12 hours before your appointment. Remove all other self-tanners, make-up, perfume, deodorant and oils. Again, if you have very very dry skin you may moisturize the day of your appointment.

During your session

 + How long will my appointment be?

   - It should be about 15-20 minutes. You'll feel so amazing after!

+ Who will apply my spray tan?

   - One of our certified spray tan professionals will custom mix you a spray tan solution and apply it.

After my session

+ Will I turn orange?

   - No. Our cosmetic bronzer is perfectly blended to give our clients that “just off the beach” look and our spray tan solution features a “what you see is what you get” effect meaning that the bronzer color you see initially exactly matches their resulting DHA spray tan. 

+ What do I need to avoid while my spray tan is setting?

   - WATER!!! no dishes, rain, pee ( yes, pee)...​

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